A Today Show favorite – Whether you’re a young Adult leaving home for the first time or an anxious parent nudging your precious offspring out of the nest, Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook is a fun and easy manual for anyone faced with the daunting task of creating their first home, apartment or dorm. Filled with helpful tips on everything from the first trip to the grocery store to removing the worst laundry stains, this guidebook is a no-nonsense primer for all the basic tasks involved with homemaking. Easily adaptable to any new living situation, the guide comes complete with everything you need to know for keeping a clean, comfortable home. It also includes an Italian cookbook with recipes even the first-time cook can quickly master.

From tips for choosing a new apartment to a list of essential items one must always have on hand, it uses a pragmatic and comprehensive set of instructions to show anyone how to easily and properly set up their new home.

Written in the loving style of a mother sending her child off into the big, wide world, Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook will turn any rookie into an accomplished and confident homemaker.


Just announced by publisher iUniverse that my book, Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook, will be featured on their main page for the month of May!!! Here is the link: or

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For the domestically challenged, nothing compares to a mother’s love and guidance. In the case of Lucia Campilongo, the notebook of advice she shared as a going-away gift with her daughter returned nearly thirty years later in a major way. Within its first year as a published book, Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook sold thousands of copies. Campilongo reflects on her publishing journey and shares how her experience on NBC’s Today Show continues to pay off.

The reader will experience wonderful recipes, perfect for the holidays, along with useful household tips – for any generation.  This award winning guide is an ideal holiday gift for students, new homemakers or anyone looking for a tasty new recipe.

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From Italian Pasta to Hassle-Free Ironing, Lucia has the Answer for the New Homemaker, Student and the “Domestically Challenged”

• Advice for the anxious parent whose child is leaving the “nest”
• How do I cope?
• How do I iron?
• A concerned Mom’s college co-ed tips for surviving campus life or a first-time apartment
• Mom’s “recipes” for eating well and staying healthy
• Cooking 101 for the kitchen “klutz” — simple, yet delicious Italian recipes passed down generation to generation
• Laundry — how to get those whites white and make sure you don’t end up with a load of pink underwear
• Stocking your pantry with the staples – the ultimate grocery list
• 30 years in the making: the touching story behind the original Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook

Once NBC discovered her story, Campilongo was asked to appear on NBC’s The Today Show along with her daughter and granddaughter, giving survival tips for the domestically challenged. Campilongo said host Meredith Vieira calmed any nerves she might have had. “I think she had a sincere interest in the book and its use through several generations of my family,” said Campilongo. “I still can’t believe we shared that moment with some six million viewers.”

“The art of traditional homemaking has been lost in this era,” says Campilongo. “Not only do I hope to rekindle those ideals but also bring back together the family unit. Following my guide will ensure you live in comfort and cleanliness. Your clothing will be immaculate and wrinkle-free, but most importantly, you will EAT WELL!”

Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook can be purchased from her website or any online bookseller.

Had the pleasure of enjoying a belated Christmas present from my daughter and her husband, at Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Restaurant in Napa, CA, last weekend. A splendid atmosphere in the middle of the Wine Country and the food was out of this world. A truly remarkable experience that I must recommend to all.

An added pleasure was meeting our server, Laura Norcia Vitale. What a delightful person and couldn’t ask for a more attentive server. Laura is also a fine professional photographer. You MUST check out her work at

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Publisher iUniverse, Inc., announced today that my top selling guide, Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook, has been selected to lead their featured book presentations for the month of March!!!

Checkout my website at or go to – or any online book seller for more information.

Publisher, iUniverse, begins a nationwide marketing campaign this week to promote “Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook”. We are all hoping for brisk holiday sales and great Italian meals for its readers!


. . . whether you’re a young adult leaving home for the first time or an anxious parent nudging your precious offspring out of the nest, Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook is a fun and easy manual for anyone faced with the daunting task of creating their first home. It includes a cookbook with recipes even a new chef can master. Filled with helpful tips on everything – from the first trip to the grocery store to removing the worst laundry stains – this guidebook is a no-nonsense primer, great for even those just needing a refresher. Adaptable to any new living situation, the guide comes with everything you need to eat well and to keep a clean, comfortable home.

I saw this very interesting piece regarding the safety of our youngsters and thought I would pass it on to you:

California’s North Coast Sectional baseball authority (NCS) has made it clear in their ruling Monday afternoon that their children’s stats are more important than the safety of their players. Performance at any cost is a pervasive mindset that had previously helped to justify the use of steroids, HGH and in some sectors, high tech aluminum bats. Some of these bats have names such as Voodoo, Stealth and are described in the latest popular baseball catalogue . . . “the ball just soars off this bat. It feels like you’re swinging a toothpick and looks sick”. The effect is clear to the professional and the layperson – anyone in attendance see’s and hears the difference. The professionals prefer wood at every level of the sport. Enhanced stats are no excuse to sacrifice the safety of our young players.

In reading the accounts of yesterday’s NCS meeting, it appears that the decision was also based upon not wanting to change the rules in the middle of the season. Why would this be an argument if there were no difference in performance, as many of the Directors so stated? There is also the issue of cost, although I have seen no discussion regarding the economics at yesterday’s session. My son, who is a teammate of the recently injured Marin Catholic player, states that at least for MC, the team may go through about 10 bats for the season.

A player may spend several hundred dollars on a metal bat, which could easily pay for 2-3 wooden versions. I know you can argue that a metal bat will last several seasons but that is not always the case, as the boys will often replace as newer and better models are released – or the old ones are damaged. One could also argue that a change would not be fair to anyone who made a recent purchase of a metal bat, then being denied the chance to use it.

My response to all this is that the additional costs and inconvenience in helping to reduce the risk is de minimis. One could also come up with numerous cost analogies, such as the cost of placing an airbag in a car or wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The risks and costs must be balanced.

Believe what you want, but there is a profound, documenatable and a statistical basis evidencing a significant reduction in batting average and overall performance when going from a metal bat to a wooden bat. The entire bat is a so-called sweet spot and the trampoline effect drives the ball faster and more frequently. I truly believe that is the driving force behind the opposition.

God bless high school student Gunnar Sandberg as he continues his recovery from a horrible head injury. Let us hope that the NSC will at some point reconsider its decision or that laws are implemented to force the protection of our players.

Allen Friedman – Concerned Father and San Rafael Resident

My daughter was looking for a substantial healthy meal to prepare for the family of an injured student from her son’s high school.  She wanted to prepare it in advance and for it to be easy to reheat.  I told her without hesitation my Chicken Cacciatore recipe would do the trick.  If I say so myself, it is one of my more delicious recipes – and so easy to prepare.

Email me at if you would like a copy of the recipe.  More importantly, the health of Gunnar Sandberg, Marin Catholic’s pitcher, and my Grandson’s teammate, who was hit in the head during a game on March 11, continues to improve.  Gunnar is walking on his own and gaining weight lost during his long coma.  There is talk that he could leave the San Francisco rehabilitation center in the coming weeks.

I urge you to please check the family’s website at for more information and how to participate in one of the many fundraising projects for Gunnar.

All the best,

Lucia Campilongo

Lucia Campilongo, Author of Lucia’s Survival Guide and Cookbook, is featured in the just released premier edition of Equanimity Magazine. Campilongo addresses the challenges of new homemakers and college students on their own for the first time. She emphasizes the need to stay organized and to eat well, in an efficient and low budget household. Campilongo has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and is previously a Top 10 Bestseller with publisher iUniverse. Equanimity Editor, Lumbie Mlambo, explains that the magazine aims to empower, encourage and inspire. She states that life balance and hope can be restored through the sharing of real-life stories of success and failure. Lucia’s inspiration for writing the survival guide was her daughter, Gina’s, year away from home while attending college in Italy.
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